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Dr. M. Ameli - Vascular Surgery

It was April 6, 1998 when the Programs and Services of The Wellesley-Central Hospital were formally transferred to the St. Michael's Hospital in accordance with the Ontario Health Services Restructuring Commission's direction. On July 18, 2001 the current and former staff of the The Wellesley-Central Hospital and the St. Michael's Hospital commemorated the official closing of The Wellesley-Central Hospital on the front lawn of the site. This celebration honoured the end of an era and an important part of Toronto's history.

As part of this process, over twenty major renovation projects are still underway at the Bond Street site at the St. Michael's Hospital. More importantly, an additional four new floors to the Victoria Wing are almost completed. Two state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery operating theatres should be ready for Labour Day 2001 and the construction of five new operating rooms for a separate ambulatory surgery service has commenced.

One of the most significant events has been the selection of Dr. Arthur Slutsky as Vice-President of Research at the St. Michael's Hospital. After a long external review process, the St. Michael's Hospital has elected to focus its area of research in Inner City Health, Critical Care and Clinical Epidemiology: All of which are aligned with the directions of the Institute and strategic plan of the hospital. This reaffirms the hospital's commitment to research as an organizational priority.

Some of Department's personal accomplishments this year at the St. Michael's Hospital included: Dr. John Bohnen was cross-appointed to the Department of Health Administration at the University of Toronto. Dr. Robin Richards is President of the Canadian Orthopaedic Research Society and Secretary of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association. At the end of this academic year, he was also selected to become Surgeon-in-Chief at the Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Tim Daniels has been appointed as Associate Editor of the Journal of Foot and Ankle International. Dr. Lee Errett, Division of Cardiac Surgery, was named Honorary Professor, Shandong Jinan University, Province of China.

The addition of The Wellesley-Central Hospital clinical programs to the St. Michael's Hospital programs has already had a very positive affect on the academic productivity of the members of the Department of Surgery. The future is bright for the St. Michael's Hospital: The recent alignment of research priorities with the programmatic structure of the hospital bodes well for the future. The St. Michael's Hospital has great plans for its academic future and not withstanding the usual political and fiscal crises in health care, the members of the Department of Surgery are looking forward to these developments.