University of Toronto, Department of Surgery, Annual Report


Mount Sinai Hospital

Division of Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Dr. D. Backstein - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. R.S. Bell - Professor
  • Dr. E.L. Boynton - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. P.C. Ferguson - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. A.E. Gross - Professor
  • Dr. D.L. MacIntosh - Associate Professor
  • Dr. E. Silverstein - Assistant Professor
  • Dr. J.S. Wunder - Associate Professor (Division Head)


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Invited Visits to Other Hospitals/Universities

Backstein D: Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, April 2005. Alignment Issues Around Osteoarticular Lesions of the Knee.

Backstein D: Ontario Orthopaedic Association, Toronto, Ontario, October 2004. Optimizing Technical Skills Training in Orthopaedics.

Backstein D: Orthopaedic Research Society Meeting, Banff, Alberta, October 2004. Osteochondral Allografts: Procurement and Use.

Backstein D: Professor Rudolf Schabus Update in Sports Medicine, St. Anton, Austria, December 2004. Update on Unicompartmental Arthroplasty.

Backstein D: Surgical Advances in Total Hip and Knee, Gravenhurst, Ontario, September 2004. 1) Avoiding Infection in Total Hip Replacement. 2) Femoral Notching - When to Stem the Femur. 3) Soft Tissue Balancing for Primary Total Knee Replacement. 4) The Role of Large Femoral Heads in Primary THA.

Backstein D: Zimmer Canada Regional Meeting, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, May 2005. 1) Evolution of MIS Knee. 2) . Minimally Invasive Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.

Bell RS: Ontario Hospital Association - OHA HealthAchieve2004, Toronto, Ontario, November 2004. Cancer Care.

Bell RS: The Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (CAPCA) and Canadian Cancer Surveillance Alliance (CCSA) Staging Initiative - Ontario Visit, Toronto, Ontario, January 2005. Cancer Care Ontario’s Clinical Council and the Ontario Stage Capture Initiative.

Bell RS: Cancer Care Ontario, King City, Ontario, November 2004. Cancer Care Ontario’s Role in Bridging the Know-Do Gap.

Bell RS: Ontario Orthopaedic Association, Toronto, Ontario, October 2004. Management of STS: Cancer Cure and Function.

Bell RS: Ontario Hospital Association presents Improving Surgical Process Efficiency to Reduce Wait Times, Toronto, Ontario, March 2005. Post-operative care and the link to critical care access.

Bell RS: Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Ontario, January 2005. The Quality Agenda: Do our health data measure up? Panel Discussion: Information needs for Health Quality Councils.

Ferguson PC: Canadian Orthopaedic Association, Montreal, Quebec, June 2005. Instructional Course Lecture - Recent Advances in Bone Sarcomas.

Gross AE: 4th International Symposium Charnley Evolution 2004, Lyon, France, December 2004, (1) A classification and treatment guide for acetabular revision surgery. (2) Revision arthroplasty of the femur with restoration of bone stock.

Gross AE: Israeli Orthopaedic Association, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2004. (1) Fresh osteochondral allografts for posttraumatic knee defects . (2) Revision arthroplasty of the hip femoral and acetabular sides.

Gross AE: Comparative Orthopaedics Day 2005, Comparative Orthopaedic Laboratory University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, February 2005. Key Note Speaker: The role of allograft tissue in lower extremity reconstruction 2005.

Gross AE: Articular Cartilage Repair Strategies: A Comprehensive Review, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, December 2004. Keynote Lecture - Osteochondral Allograft Transplantation: Its Role in Cartilage Repair - Fresh osteochondral allografts for posttraumatic knee defects.

Gross AE: American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Soft Tissue Allografts in Orthopaedics: Science and Application, Atlanta, Georgia, January 2005. Long-term results of fresh osteochondral allografts for post traumatic knee defects.

Gross AE: Visiting Professor - Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of California, San Francisco, California, May 2005. (1) Long-term results of fresh osteochondral allografts for posttraumatic knee defects. (2) Osteotomy about the knee for osteoarthritis . (3) Revision arthroplasty of the hip in 2005.

Gross AE: 19th Annual Vail Orthopaedic Symposium, Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, Vail, Colorado, January 2005. Modified sliding trochanteric osteotomy for revision total hip replacement (2) Revision of the acetabulum: Classfication and Treatment Guide.

Gross AE: 4th Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Symposium 2005, Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, Singapore, June 2005. (1) Periprosthetic Fractures of the Knee. (2) Fresh osteochondral allografts for posttraumatic knee defects. (3 ) Total hip replacement for dysplasia. (4) Femoral revision classification and treatment guide. (5) Femoral revision arthroplasty allografts and strut grafts. (6) Revision arthroplasty of the acetabulum.

Gross AE: Guest Lecturer, British Hip Society, Wrightington Hospital, Wigan, England, March 2005. Revision arthroplasty of the acetabulum in 2005. (2) Revision arthroplasty of the hip, structural grafts on the acetabular and femoral sides.

Gross AE: Canadian Orthopaedic Residents’ Association Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, November 2004. The role of allograft tissue in lower extremity reconstruction 2004 (2) Ten commandments for residents.

Gross AE: XV Argentine Congress of Knee and Hip Society, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 2004. (1) The treatment of periprosthetic fractures of the knee. (2) Revision arthroplasty of the acetabulum: Classification & surgical options. (3) Revision arthroplasty of the femur: A classification & treatment guide (4) Realignment osteotomy about the knee. (5) Total hip replacement for dysplasia. (6) The treatment of periprosthetic fractures of the hip. (7) Fresh osteochondral allografts for posttraumatic knee defects.

Gross AE: The Mexican Hip Society 5th International Meeting in hip Surgery, Guadalajara, Mexico, February 2005. (1)Total hip replacement for dysplasia (2) Revision arthroplasty of the acetabulum: Classification & Treatment Guide. (3) Revision arthroplasty of the femur: Classification & Treatment (4) The use of structural allografts for revision arthroplasty of the femur.

Wunder JS: Atlantic Provinces Orthopaedic Society Annual Meeting, St John’s, Newfoundland, October 2004. 1) Extremity Lumps & Bumps: Challengers & Pitfalls. 2) Management of Acetabular Metastasis: What can you do when the pelvis ig gone? 3) Extremity lumps and bumps: challenges and pitfalls. How to stay out of trouble! 4) Management of acetabular metastases. The importance of decision making.

Wunder JS: 2005 2nd International Symposium on Bone Tumor, Beijing, China, May 2005. 1) Improving Radiation Morbidity for Soft Tissue Sarcoma: The Therapeutic Ratio. . 2) Reconstruction of Periacetabular Bone Defects for Sarcoma.

Wunder JS: Barbados/University of West Indies - Continuing Medical Education Conference, B arbados, West Indies, November 2004. Osteosarcoma and Limb Salvage: A Barbados Patient’s Story & Management of Bone Metastases.

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Research and Investigations

Senior Investigator’s Name Appears in Italics

A randomized multi- centre controlled trial of large diameter (36/40 mm) versus conventional diameter (32 mm) femoral heads for prevention of post-revision arthroplasty dislocation. Garbuz D, Gross AE, Duncan C, Greidanus N, Masri B, Dunbar MJ, Estok D, Blackstein D, Kim P, Kudrna J, Paprosky WG, Sporer S, Sekundiak T, Weeden SH: Zimmer Ltd ($30,000 2003 - 2005).

Anterior femoral notching during total knee arthroplasty: A biomechanical analysis. Backstein D, Zalzal P: University of Toronto Zimmer Competition ($10,000 2004 - 2005).

Hedgehog signaling in cartilaginous neoplasia: Implications for treatment. Wunder JS, Alman BA: Canadian Institutes of Health Research - CIHR x 5 years ($159,332 2003 - 2008).

Interdisciplinary health research team (IHRT) in musculoskeletal neoplasia. Bell RS, Alman B, Andrulis IL, Bramwell V, Davis AM, Greenberg M, Hill R, Kandel RA, Malkin D, Masri B, O’Sullivan B, Turcotte R, Wunder JS: Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($6,136,475 2001 - 2005).

Minimally Invasive single-incision total hip arthroplasty versus G3, Watson-Jones Technique: A prospective multi-centre randomized controlled trial. Duncan C, Greidanus N, Gross AE, Anis A, Garbuz D, Masri B, Boyle M, Kim P, Laflamme GH, Puskus D, Tanzer M: University of British Columbia - Department of Orthopaedic Surgery ($10,000 2005).

New measures for quantifying soft tissue fibrosis. Davis AM, Bell RS, Lee P, O’Sullivan B, Hill R, Levin W, Wunder JS, Inman R, McCready D: National Institutes of Health Research ($99,421 2003 - 2006).

Predicting clinical outcome in osteosarcoma using microarray analysis. Wunder, JS, Wenqing He, Irene L,. Andrulis: Ontario Cancer Research Network ($140,000 2003 - 2006).

Predictors of disability outcomes following revision total knee arthroplasty. Davis A, Mohammed N, Gross AE, Szalai J, Schemitsch E, Kreder H, Macdonald SJ, Gignac M, Garbuz D, Sekundiak T, Bogoch E, Davey JR: Canadian Institutes of Health Reseaarch ($276,000 2001 - 2005).

The effectiveness of video feedback in the development of technical skills in surgical residents. Backstein, D, Agnidis Z, Reznick R, Regher G: University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine ($15,500 2003 - 2004).

The Effects of Part-Whole Practice Schedule on the Acquisition of a Complex Bone Plating Surgical Procedure. Backstein D, Dubrowski A, Carnahan H: Physician Services Incorporated ($27,400 2003 - 2004).

The role of the macrophage in polyethylene mediated total joint replacement failure. Boynton EL: The Arthritis Society ($80,377 2001 - 2004).

TMT acetabular cup outcome study. Gross AE, Backstein D: Zimmer Ltd ($48,000 2003 - 2005).

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Honours Received

Backstein D: Bruce Tovee Award for Undergraduate Education, May 2005.

Wunder JS: Young Inversigator Award from the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) 2004, October 2004.

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