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Sunday, July 22
6:00 PM -
8:00 PM

Opening reception

6:00 - 7:00 - meet & greet; cash bar and hors d-oeuvres; art exhibit featuring delegates' images
7:00 - screening of The Paper Mirror, a documentary film by Charissa King-O'Brien featuring Alison Bechdel and Riva Lehrer.
Artist Riva Lehrer will be present for Q & A after the screening.

Location: Health Sciences building (HS), 6th floor lobby and HS 610 (auditorium)

Monday, July 23
8:00 AM Registration. Coffee and light breakfast snacks will be available.
HS 6th floor lobby
8:30 AM Welcome
HS 610
8:45 AM Setting the context: Developments in graphic medicine
HS 610
Paul Gravett
9:30 AM Keynote speaker: Joyce Brabner
HS 610
10:30 AM coffee break 
HS 6th floor lobby
10:45 AM -
12:15 PM
Concurrents Graphic fiction1
HS 106
Communicating vessels and discursive virulence in Black Hole  J. Ryan Marks
Aging, memory, and the body in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County Katie Mullins
Ken Dahl’s Monsters, individual risk, and the crisis of embodiment Matt Weber
Comics in patient education
HS 100
Diabetes and erectile dysfunction: A case study of humor comics as a method of patient education Cathy Leamy
Interpreting the unfamiliar: comics as a tool for improving the care in pediatric patients with retinoblastoma Lydia Gregg, Amber Jones, Philippe Gailloud and Monica Pearl 
A children’s comic book for promoting healthy lifestyle choices Allison Zemek, Lauren Maggio, Christopher Gardner, and Audrey Shafer
"Iggy and the Inhalers" Alex Thomas and Gary Ashwal
Comics and shifting perspectives on illness and medicine
HS 610
Picturing AIDS Ariela Freedman
Conquering AIDS: The adventures of Yannick Dombi Julia diLiberti
The depiction of drugs in comic books, from the golden age to the modern era Scott F. Morrison
HS 108
Thinking with lines: Drawing for non-drawers MK Czerwiec and Michael Green
12:15 PM -
1:45 PM
lunch break 
1:45 PM -
3:15 PM
Concurrents The role of comics in provider/patient communication 
HS 610
The role of comics in provider/patient communication: Why are older women creating graphic memoirs? Nicola Streeten, Sarah Lightman, Lesley Fairfield, Sandra Bell-Lundy, and Rosalind B. Penfold
Representing mental health 
HS 108
My Partner Has Depression: Japanese depictions of illness experiences in the day to day An Nguyen
Re-signifying disability in popular culture: mental illness as magic realism narrative in Love and Rockets  Catherine Duchastel
The sequential art of the mind: Parallels between comics and therapeutic hypnosis Neil Phillips
Comics and public health messages
HS 100
Cartoonists take up smoking

Seeing patients: The sketchiest details
Alan Blum
Tension, anxiety and pressure—hypertension is no laughing matter (but laughter helps) Keith Hopper and Betty Oliver
The need to know: Using comics as controlled medium to educate the public Veta Salubi
Symbol and metaphor in comics
HS 106
Metaphors, multiple truths, and comics: Narrative ethics and practitioner education through the pairing of images and text Amerisa R. Waters
The “unseen” and “unsaid” in health care practices. Correction. The “unsayable.” Niki Kiepek
A symbolic bridge of words and images: The "Silver Scorpion" and medical communication Daniel J. O’Rourke and Pravin A. Rodrigues
3:15 PM coffee break
HS 6th floor lobby
3:30 PM -
5:00 PM



Graphic pathography: representing the illness experience 
HS 610
Skinny Leg Jenny Lin
Loupette and the Moon: A graphic pathology of genetics, destiny and trauma Nancy Andrews
Asylum Squad: The Psychosis Diaries Sarafin
Comics in medical practice
HS 106
Visualizing medical data through graphic novels Courtney Donovan

Using comics to increase doctors’ understanding of illness behaviour

Adam Mollinger
Creating doctors: Graphic novels as method of reflection in medical education Janet Lee-Evoy
Using comics as a tool for reflection in professional practice Danaka White
HS 108
Minds in the gutter: The power of comics in teen sex education Saiya Miller
5:30-7:30   Panel discussion and book signings, co-hosted by The Beguiling bookstore.
Location: The Central, 603 Markham Street. The Central is a bar right beside The Beguiling.

5:30 - meet and mingle at The Central 
6:30 - Paul Gravett, Joyce Farmer, and Joyce Brabner will have an informal on-stage conversation about comics and medicine, with opportunities for Q & A and book signings afterward
7:00 onward - The Beguiling will remain open late, for people to wander, browse, and shop to their hearts' content.

This will be a free event, open to the public as well as conference delegates. Food and beverages may be purchased at the bar.

Tuesday, July 24
8:30 AM -
10:00 AM
Concurrents Round-table discussion
HS 610

Studio time in the literature and medicine classroom

Susan Squier, Tess Jones, and Scott Smith
Comics and rhetoric
HS 106
Humanizing medicine through graphic storytelling Tim Elliott and Brandon Strubberg
Conquering cells: Promoting science and medicine through sequential art Matt Kaske Cirigliano
Graphic fiction
HS 100
From Ivanhoe to Rex Mundi: Jews and medicine in comic books, comic strips, and graphic novels Steven M. Bergson
A ghost of an idea: A reflection on my comic adaptation of "A Christmas Carol" for the medical humanities Jeffrey Monk
Empathy in the gutter: Participatory delusion in graphic adaptation of Shutter Island Lorenzo Servitje

HS 108

Images and models of health care environments  Lars-Henrik Stahl and Suley Fattah
10:00 AM coffee break
HS 6th floor lobby
10:15 AM -
11:45 AM
Concurrents Explorations of caregiving, aging, and identity
HS 100
Drawing closure: Comics and caregiving in Special Exits and Tangles Michelle N. Huang
Graphic care: Gender, comics & dependency work Amelia DeFalco
Producing identity
HS 106
Managing difference through graphic cancer narratives  Juliet McMullin
Disability, dismodernism and Kaisa Leka’s I Am Not These Feet (2003) José Alaniz
Cancer superwoman: Performing femininity in Marissa Acocella Marchetto's Cancer Vixen Jessica Wolpert
Health-related comics in mainstream news outlets 
HS 610

“Facing” illness: what the “funnies” can teach us about caregiver role, response, and needs

Sara Russe and Judith Kaplan-Weinger
Fertility, domestic abuse and mammograms: Three storylines in the syndicated comic strip, "Between Friends" Sandra Bell-Lundy
HS 108
Comics Fundamentals: Mastery of Time & Space Brian Fies
11:45 AM -
1:15 PM
lunch break 

1:15 PM -
2:45 PM

Concurrents Iconography and representation
HS 610
Radical visions: The iconography of illness in comics and graphic novels Ian Williams 
Navigating the margins between the cartoon self and the ‘real’ self: Irony, authenticity, and disillusion in The CF Diaries Andrew Godfrey
Humanitarian gestures: Representations of the body in medical humanitarian comics Allison Crawford
Comics in medical education 
HS 106
Clinical skills, Cancer Vixen and CanMEDS: The graphic novel in pre-clerkship medical education J.T.H. Connor
Use of comics in medical education: Teaching evidence-based medicine Stefan Tigges
Teaching ethics: Using comics to educate students in the health professions  Robert Doyle
WORKSHOP HS 108 BioGraphix: Drawing the mangas guide to your own universe Christine Kuhn
2:45 PM coffee break 
HS 6th floor lobby
3:00 PM -
4:30 PM
Concurrents Representation of the shared experience
HS 610
Signs of life: Framing terminal illness, death and grief through comics Mita Mahato
Aliceheimer’s: Graphic pathography as healing Dana Walrath
“A mild case of cancer”—Using cartoons to express the multiple narratives of one disease Peaco Todd
Secrets and silences: exploring loss, stigma, and isolation (panel)
HS 106
What can’t be talked about: Secrets and silences across the lifecycle Marsha Hurst, Allan Peterkin, Linda Raphael, and Patricia Stanley
Exploring medical ethics 
HS 100
Medthics graphic novel Harmon Fong
“It’s not that funny”: Bringing medical ethics into the picture Joseph C. d’Oronzio
A form of comic relief: HIPAA in graphic detail Leah Eisenberg and Julia-Rose Anderson
HS 108
Fact and confliction: the psychodynamics of creating a comic memoir Neil Phillips

4:30 PM -
5:30 PM

Keynote presentation: Joyce Farmer in conversation
HS 610






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